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Did you know . . . ?
  that silver is antiseptic, has a germ-killing effect ? Therefore silver is very often used in the medical industry.
  that silver is neutral to taste ?
  that flowers in silver vases remain fresh much longer ?
  that silver is a nature product
  that the 90 g silver standard means that 90 g of pure silver are distributed on an area of 24 dm� ?

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The history of silver can be traced back to Babylon when silver was used as tender or credit instrument around 4500 BC. It started to be used for decorative and practical use and reached a culminating point in Ancient Greece. Around 2000 BC techniques such as embossing, engraving, casting and so on were already known.
After the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, when the Christian faith was officially recognized, houses of worship started to be adorned with silver and gold. Vast amounts of silver came from Ancient Rome, treasures which were amassed through wars in Greece and Asia and melted down later. Small mines produced silver in many locations in Europe, until in the year 900 first ore deposits were discovered in Germany.